Marine Canvas

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We use superior quality materials such as Strataglass, Sunbrella, and Stamoid when the very best materials are desired...

Anything you can imagine, design or request can most likely be done with a little creativity and input concerning your boat-- full enclosures, tops, curtains, bolsters, carpets, interior and exterior seating, removable mesh privacy curtain inserts--if you can think it, we can make it.

Obviously, bigger jobs take more time to complete. We take pride in creating the lines of a full enclosure as shown in the photos above, and will not skimp on craftsmanship in order to finish a big job in a hurry. We take pride in our work, as our many satisfied customers will attest. A quality canvas job stands out at the marina, and the quality of work done by Mike's Mobile Canvas speaks for itself. Be the next proud boat owner to show off a beautiful new superior quality  canvas job!!

When there's a budget involved, good quality materials such as Top Gun, Haartz Topping, & other less costly materials are a better choice...

Smaller fishing boats are no exception when it comes to marine canvas. If you're on a budget and you want a boat top for your smaller boat, we are more than happy to make a job out of a material that better suits  your budget. Being boat owners ourselves, we are well aware that wanting to have some shade while fishing, or a nice seat to sit on, doesn't have to mean breaking the bank. Usually, a .30 or .40 gauge polished clear vinyl is all that's needed to give some shelter to the elements while out at your favorite fishing hole. Mike's Mobile Canvas will always do our very best to work within any budget. 

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