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Auto Upholstery

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Automotive headliners, carpets, door panels, custom seating, factory replacement covers, leather katzkin packages, fleet service for any and all truck/van​ services as well as all farm equipment and riding mower seats, custom car covers, console armrests, coverlay dashboard covers & more......

If your car or truck seat has a rip where you constantly get in and out of it, you can relax in knowing it's a very common problem. Mike's Mobile Canvas takes pride in the fleet trucks we service and every single one of them has come to us with this very same problem. If you have anything from a small rip , to duct tape holding the seat together, call today and get it fixed!  Sagging headliners are another common problem. Years of subjecting your vehicle to the extreme heat during the summer takes a toll on the headliner and other interior items. Once the material releases from the foam, it's just a matter of time before you have a mixture of sappy glue and old headliner foam falling onto your interior and carpet. This is another service we offer from a mobile standpoint, in most cases we can bring a mobile unit to your vehicle and replace the headliner on your site.  The make/year/model, along with availability of electricity to run an air compressor will determine if you have an 'on-site' type of job. 

For those of you who are the proud owners of a classic muscle car, we can work with you on designing something completely custom for your vehicle that will be like no other.  We can also install pre-manufactured covers and panels from one of the many online companies offering the complete package sets. For Jeep owners, the vinyl windows in your doors and tops can be replaced without replacing the entire piece in many cases.  New tops can be made from scratch on some vehicles, and we can also install pre-made tops which can be bought online.


Mike's Mobile Canvas can repair or replace all the seating for your heavy equipment, such as cranes, combines, bulldozers, backhoes, forklifts, tractors, and any other equipment that is used round the clock where a comfortable seat can make the difference between a good or bad day at work. We also repair motorcycle, three and four wheeler seats. Call today to discuss options, ideas and pricing on your automobile's interior.